KiTE defines Water Intelligence Driven Early Warning System

KiTE defines Water Intelligence Driven Early Warning System

The KiTE solution can maximize Early Warning System (EWS) alerting for flooding,  including in telemetry-poor regions and areas with underdeveloped mapping.  The KiTE water intelligence platform contains hydrology models augmented by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, in addition, the platform workflow capability provides the monitoring and collection capabilities, for before (preparation), during (response) and after (learning) an incident.  Analytic processes and tools for social science help drive community engagement and include communication technologies for broad organizational collaboration and institutionalizing procedures.

Thus, the KiTE solution can collect and optimize knowledge of a region’s hydrology, provide context to static flood maps by overlaying multiple different sources and provide forecasting based on a driving event, such as heavy rain and storms.  The system is robustly proven in regions with minimal communications and has also been proven in different areas around the globe.  It is a leading solution for Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) as recognized by the Global Water Partnership.

The solution is capable of integrating with a people-centered, all-society approach.  KiTE incorporates information architectures that enable multiple inputs and coordination paths, with data views customized to different organizations and populations.  Early warnings can thus be generated from an optimized combination of technologies, analysis and community participation across the society spectrum.  This concept of an EWS is a consensus view global organizations and principal stakeholders in disaster management worldwide.

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