Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Relief

Our Field Information Support Tool (FIST) and Gather phone application are especially well suited to support humanitarian aid and disaster response needs.


We provide innovative data collection/data analysis solutions for a wide range of objectives.

The Field Information Support Tool (FIST) is especially well suited to support humanitarian aid and disaster response needs. The smartphone application Gather equips personnel in the field to communicate to a central command center, report on current conditions, collect data (including media captures), perform assessments, and receive tasks over 3G/4G networks.

Post-disaster missions can present difficult changes to real-time data gathering and communications due to damaged infrastructure, a quickly changing environment, and often limited precious resources. The FIST system mitigates these limitations through a number of innovative solutions, including advanced cellular data transfer techniques, send and forget protocol, and satellite interoperability. A recent SiRRAN Communication/KTG collaboration has produced MobileNex, a mobile 3G network that is adaptable for damaged or remote locations.


In the command center, decision makers have access to the powerful data aggregation, visualization, and analysis tools of FIST FusionPortal. Monitors see real-time field reports as they arrive along with the location and status of each field operator, and can layer the current information with data from other sources for complete situational awareness:

  • Video feed from UAV
  • Input from a wide variety of sensors
  • Open source information such as weather feeds
  • Historical information and vetted infrastructure knowledge such as locations of hospitals
  • Map overlays such as elevation, population, or cell coverage maps

FusionPortal’s on-board analysis tools enable non-analyst personnel to create sophisticated analysis products, such as summary statistics, bar charts, and time-trend charts. Geospatial visualization, region mapping, and point-density mapping is automated, immediately clarifying information by location.

Analysis tools aid in the detection of trends, can aid decision makers in creating evacuation routes, and lead to information-driven decisions for the allocation of precious response resources.