Field Information Support Tool

The FIST system enables users to turn real-time data feeds and archived data into actionable information; the resulting information can lead to informed decisions, resulting in tasking to field operators for further action.

Anytime, Anywhere...

The Field Information Support Tool™ (FIST™) is a comprehensive solution to address three common problems with knowledge creation and information sharing:

  • Our ability to gather data has outpaced our ability to extract knowledge from that data.
  • Our ability to aggregate open source data with existing information management systems via cross-domain solutions is limited.
  • Our ability to share data and information is restricted – organizations with different cultures and missions need to view places, events, and the human terrain from a common perspective.

FIST provides a hardware and software knowledge management system for capturing and fusing a broad range of data. Using geospatial, temporal, link and social network analysis tools and techniques, FIST enables a continuous cycle of actionable information creation. This information, combined with effective visualization, categorization, filtering and analysis, creates new knowledge that is efficiently sharable throughout the operation.

Make decisions more efficiently.

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What is FIST?

FIST™ is composed of two parts: Gather and FusionPortal™FIST™ Gather is a software application for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) that enables field-based collection of data in a structured menu interface. Gather can enable field operators to receive and provide current, actionable information in real-time. Operators can send reports from the smartphone via cellular network or paired with an inexpensive satellite burst transmitter when in damaged or remote environments.

FIST™ FusionPortal™ is a web-based portal that serves as a data repository and provides information management for visualization, analysis, data sharing and device management. FusionPortal™ provides a secure, sharable common operating picture to all stakeholders for greater integrated domain awareness. Built-in geospatial and other analytic tools logically compile volumes of data and enable decision-makers to rapidly prioritize and allocate scarce resources. Fusion of all-source information, including traditional sources (video, radar, sensor, etc), social media and crowd-sourcing, allows for detection of trends and mapping of social networks, improving the ability to address the nexus between terrorism, illicit activities, narcotics, and human trafficking. Geospatial representation of terrain and asset allocation provides effective management of agency resources.



FIST operates via cellular, Wi-Fi, and/or SATCOM giving users the ability to transmit and receive data in even the most austere environments, outside of a supporting facility or fixed IT infrastructure. FIST enables collection of raw data from the field for fusion, analysis, and subsequent tasking and management of resources.


FIST is scalable, providing a tool that can be used across user groups or agencies. The FIST server is accessible anywhere there is web access. Data collection forms can be customized based on intelligence needs and reporting requirements.


FIST data employs open standards, which means that data can be quickly imported or exported for use in existing systems or databases. FIST has successfully integrated a wide variety of surveillance, monitoring, and sensor systems.


FIST is an unclassified system that has been Certified and Accredited (C&A) with a Department of Defense (DoD) Authority to Operate (ATO) via the Risk Management Framework to ensure Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability protection of mission essential systems while still allowing interagency sharing of information.

Ease of Acquisition

FIST is highly customizable to fit specific missions and budgets, with options ranging from basic collection tasks to a full knowledge management system. Your FIST solution can be tailored to specific needs and include an array of ancillary options such as sensor integration, training, and ongoing sustainment support.

Ease of Deployment

FIST is easy to deploy to the field, allowing for quick response to rapidly changing missions. The FIST team offers basic operational training to field users on how to collect valuable field data. Training is also available at the analyst level on how the tool can enhance existing analytical processes.

Make decisions more efficiently.

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