Kestrel Technology Group, True Elements, and Imaginet International Join Forces to bring Water Intelligence & Water Resiliency to the Philippines

Kestrel Technology Group, True Elements and Imaginet International announced a critical new partnership today to help prepare the Philippines for a water-resilient future.

Kestrel Technology Group, True Elements and Imaginet International announced a critical new partnership today to help prepare the Philippines for a water-resilient future in the face of intensifying monsoons, typhoon-related flooding and water contamination.

Kestrel, whose solutions combine technology and methods for knowledge-based decision-making, and True Elements, a pioneer in water intelligence that clarifies water complexity for decision-makers, are joining with Imaginet, a leading IT systems integrator and managed network provider to host a conference in Manila on April 19, 2023. This conference, Water Security Amid Climate Change – Achieving SDG6, will demonstrate state-of-the-art technical and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities and propose joint applications to kick start development inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for Water across the Philippines, such as water infrastructure, advanced monitoring and contamination alerts.

Water crises are intensifying in frequency and severity, particularly for island nations. Last year’s Christmas Day floods are an unfortunate reminder of how critical it is for the Philippine community, city and government leaders to prepare for a water-intensive future. By harnessing the power of water intelligence, government and business leaders can better understand current and forecasted water quality and quantity conditions to make the most informed decisions possible for their cities and states. The Kestrel, True Elements, Imaginet partnership to ignite Philippine efforts to create water-resilient communities comes at a prescient time as this week, the UN will hold its first Water Conference since 1977; a clear indication of the urgency of global water action.

True Elements’ advanced water data intelligence, easy-to-understand scoring and visualizations will be integrated into Kestrel’s Field Information Support Tool (FIST) for anytime, anywhere water quality and quantity reporting. The combined capability will produce workflows that ensure robust implementation of policies, projects, and goals for Public Health, Infrastructure, Agriculture improvements, and many other use cases that support water resiliency, public well-being, and attainment of UN Sustainable Development Goal #6.

"It’s a privilege to work with True Elements to help make a water-resilient future achievable," says Ivan Cardenas, President of Kestrel. "Working with True Elements and Imaginet will amplify the value of each company’s solutions and bring state-of-the-art water intelligence to countries such as the Philippines more quickly, where it’s urgently needed.”

“The need for water intelligence cannot be overstated,” says Imaginet CEO, Blair Duncan. “We look forward to working closely with our partners to provide more complete water understanding and informed decision-making to support the security, health and infrastructure in the Philippines."

Join us on April 19 at the American Chamber of Commerce in Manila from 09:30 to 12:00 by registering at this Link or email at to participate as we start this groundbreaking partnership to create a resilient water future for the Philippines.

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