FIST MobileNex Launched for Storm Chasing Support in the Philippines

FIST MobileNex, as part of the STORMCHASER solution, will empower the Philippine Atomospheric, Geospatial and Aeronautical Services Agency (PAGASA) to report and analyze storm event data in real-time.

Kestrel Technology Group, LLC (KTG), with its Partners Imaginet International Inc. and SiRRAN Communications Ltd, are proud to announce the official start of the STORMCHASER project for the Philippine Atmospheric Geospatial and Aeronautical Services Agency (PAGASA). Imaginet’s STORMCHASER project architecture provides a complete, seamless and unified communications solution in the Philippines overcoming common first responder challenges. STORMCHASER integrates the KTG/SiRRAN Mobilenex platform enabling field operatives and associated stakeholders to provide a timely and effective response, recovery, and risk reduction measures whenever a weather related disaster strikes.

The MobileNex system, provides the capability to collect, analyze, visualize, and share geo-referenced information using mobile devices and a field mobile web portal. MobileNex leverages and deploys analysts and operators efficiently. Incident point operators will have a full analytical as well as collection capability to ensure that data is understood and acted upon to optimize time and precious resources.

MobileNex combines KTG’s Field Information Support Tool (FIST) with SiRRAN's mobile 3G network software to empower storm chasing, humanitarian and disaster relief operations by equipping field agents with real-time data communications - regardless of location or the surrounding communications infrastructure. It is enabled by FIST’s portability and secure multi-tier communication process.

The STORMCHASER project will open up mission spaces by accelerating information–driven operations via real-time data communications, rapid information visualization and expedited analysis for decision makers at all times. Knowledge creation and visualization capabilities will be enhanced at all points within the PAGASA enterprise, even those considered on the edge. Local and global command and control centers will be effectively synchronized, to provide thorough situational awareness throughout the entire PAGASA network and associated partners.

The STORMCHASER project will be fully operational in the Philippines starting on December 7, 2016. For more information on STORMCHASER project and associated technologies, please refer to the links below.

About Kestrel Technology Group LLC

Kestrel Technology Group (KTG) is a US based business that has created the Field Information Support Tool (FIST). KTG leverages subject matter expertise for FIST and other solutions to build capacity for executing faster, knowledge driven operations in any environment.
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About Imaginet International Inc.

Imaginet International Inc. is the premier provider of Brand leading IT Network Hardware & Software solutions in the Philippines. They have been designing, supplying, implementing & managing data, messaging and voice networks since 1998.
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About SiRRAN Communications

SiRRAN is a telecommunications software company providing the development and delivery of cost-effective, bandwidth & power efficient, mobile network products and services ranging from private and/or portable mobile networks to secure mobile communications services.
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